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Read below before start your treatment request sending:

  • For more information on homeopathic treatment click here.
  • Please do your dental procedures before starting your homeopathic treatment. Dental operation will stop the effect of your homeopathy remedy.
  • A special diet adherence, is essential (click here, for more information about homeopathic regimen)
  • If you are taking any, chemical medication, do not make any changes on your medical usage without consulting your homeopath.

Did you know?

  • In addition to the treatment of morbid (physical) diseases, homeopathic can treat mental and emotional disease, such as physiological disorders, obsessions, sleep disorders and etc. as well.
  • In homeopathy, the prescription is based on the patient’s personality and not on the basis of the disease.
  • In homeopathic treatment’ there is no need to refer into several medical specialists at the same time and homeopathy itself is effective and sufficient for the treatment on your various diseases at a same time.
  • In your first appointment, the answer on the question “who you are?” is more important for your homeopath, that your disease. So that he/she will ask you same questions in this regards.
  • The process of homeopathic treatment on patients who have taken many chemical medications, especially corticosteroids and antibiotics will longes and more difficult.
  • The stressful environment and mind/emotional conditional pressure will cause your homeopathic treatment much more slower and may stops your treatment.
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